The nature in me

I am the sugar cane field

I am the forest fire

I am the tsunami

I am sweet

I am wild

I am wet


Threesome Chocolate Bark

Quick and easy! Great for spoiling yourself, a snack you can visit every day of the week and also beautiful as a gift!

I love baking for my boyfriend and his family. It is no secret that I was baking for him before he even asked me to date him. I just loved making him happy with something that I made, something sweet!

I decided to make these treats and hide them in his gym bag, only telling him where they were when he was at work. Just like me, he hid his chocolate treats, not sharing with anyone at work or at home!


You will need-

250g White, Caramel and Dark Chocolate

Wax warp or baking sheet

Greased tray

Mini Astros


What to do-

Grease a cookie tray and lay a your wax wrap on top of it.

Now to get melting! Melt your dark chocolate first. Place your dark chocolate in a bowl and place this pot over a pot of boiling water. The water should make no contact with the bowl.

Staffords Chocolate Chips were used first round
Staffords Chocolate Chips were used first round



After the chocolate has melted, pour it onto your cookie tray and spread as best you can.


You have to wait for your first chocolate layer to set before applying the next.

Melting the caramel chocolate. I used Easy Melt
Melting the caramel chocolate. I used Easy Melt for the white and dark chocolate layers

After my third chocolate layer I decided to add some mini Astros (chocolate coated biscuits) for texture. You have to add these before the chocolate sets. This is the step where you can have lots of fun! I cannot wait to create different variations of this!


Lastly, I gave them the silver glitter treatment and once completely set, I broke the chocolate into irregular pieces.

Lots of sugar love, always

From Ssssssss

Leather Pleasure

I’m wrapped up in his biker jacket

waiting for my nail polish to dry

and I love the way his home smells,

punk and perverted,

wild bars, cherry cigars;

and I love the way his home feels,

cold and dangerous,

a rebellious road;

I just wish my mother would understand…

Five Flicks to Thrill and Chill! Movie Reviews for SAGS Magazine

I can assure you that if it’s goose-flesh you’re looking for then these five flicks will do the trick!

Before Halloween hits I wanted to warm myself up and pick five horror favourites to write about. Picking a top five was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be!

I hope the readers of SAGS continue to enjoy my reviews (and taking a look at the films) because I sure enjoy writing them!