Excerpt from “Diary of Doll-boy”

Vivid impression of protagonist- Excerpt from my original short piece- Diary of Doll-boy.

Doll-boy is one of my first solid characters and will always be in my heart.

I think if I have to read another glamorized story about anorexia or bulimia or binge-purge disorder, I will be sick.

I promise this is not that kind of story. It is raw, authentic and real, showing the male side of anorexia.

Excerpt is below.

male anorexia

“His dull blonde hair fell to the floor as he brushed it. His body lacked the ability to make it glow like it used to when he was five.

“Like the petals fall from a flower,” he said, shivering.

Doll-boy stepped on the brittle yellow mess as he walked toward a full length mirror. He saw a grey face that could no longer stretch a smile for his ghostly reflection, he allowed his grey eyes to wander to his chopstick limbs.

He drew a line from his long forehead, down to his nose and paused at his fine purple lips. “Body of mine, tell me the words. Give me a song to write today. Speak to me. Speak to me…” he whispered to the mirror.

Doll-boy put his hands on his razor hip bones and continued to stare until his body spoke. After his mirror sessions, he would grab his neat diary and write. It was the only thing he loved as much as his bones. He wrote every day, once a day. If he did not write, he had no energy to pick up a pen.”



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