The Little Things

“Idk… I just feel pointless…” Said my friend.

I cannot explain how many  times I have felt this way so I am writing this blog post because I know I’m not alone.

I knew just how my friend was feeling so I granted myself permission to actually give him some advice. I have sort of manufactured weapons to combat these dark, depressing feelings, so if you feel this way or know someone who does then maybe my words will help to climb over the depressing hill of pointlessness.

I told my friend that when I feel this way I try to remember all the little things because it’s the little things that help me get through each day. I suggested that he try to think of all the little things that keep him going. He asked me, “Little things? What little things keep you going?”

This is what I said-

“LOVE- obviously… (Because I am always talking about love. So whether it be from a parent, sibling, partner, pet  or plant- SEEK IT!)

Candy!- it might seem silly but the taste of something sweet cheers me up real good, also, all the different colours are pure love! 

I will also try to discover new music instead of listening to the most depressing CD I have…

A walk! It’s Autumn dude! The best season for walking! I absolutely love stepping on crunchy-looking leaves!

And lastly, a good movie- I recommend Scott Pilgrim. Dude, I just put that movie in the player and two minutes in, I’m already laughing! I have watched Scott so many times…

Oh, and lastly, lastly- I call my gran… Just hearing her voice, specifically that sweet, old voice that’s been through the mill… She gives me hope, makes me think that I can do it too. I can do life too.”


My friend decided he would play his guitar, take a walk and then watch Scott Pilgrim.

We forget the little things so easily… The things that can cheer us up in our times of darkness. So remember your “little things”, the things that keep you going, the things that keep you alive.


scott pic



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