Fudge This! Fudge That! Oreo Fudge Recipe!

Foolproof Oreo Fudge! 

Too many times have my friends and family told me about their attempts to make fudge and it turning out to be a runny toffee sauce! After using the runny toffee sauce on ice cream they seldom attempt it again.
If you have failed fudge-making, please attempt this easy recipe! I added Oreos and they went so well with this original creamy fudge recipe!

Stuffs you need:
1 cup of milk
3 cups of brown sugar
1 tin of condensed milk
2 tablespoons of butter
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon caramel essence
about 10 Oreo cookies- coarsely chopped

Prepare a flat baking tray or rectangular dish where you will allow your fudge to set. I always line my tray with wax wrap.

What to do:
In a heavy based pot, I bring my milk and sugar to a boil. I boil this mixture for 5 minutes, stirring continuously so that the mixture does not burn.

After the 5 minutes I take the pot off the stove and add the tin of condensed milk. I put the pot back onto the heat and allow the mixture to come to a boil again. This mixture must boil for 20 minutes, again stirring continuously. When making fudge you cannot walk away from the pot.

During the 20 minutes you will feel the mixture begin to thicken as you stir. I rarely need to do the soft-ball stage because this recipe is great!
I suggest you do the soft-ball test the first few times you make this recipe, just to be sure. To do this test you will drop a little bit of creamy syrup into iced water and when you pick up the syrup again you should easily be able to form a soft ball between your fingers. It should feel like a soft sort of toffee. If the mixture is not firm enough it needs to be mixed on the heat for 5 minutes longer. After the 5 minutes, try the soft-ball test again.

After 20 minutes and a successful soft-ball test I take my pot off the heat and add my butter and essences. I use a wooden spoon to beat the fudge mixture until the mixture has thickened nicely- this usually takes 4-7 minutes. I’d say 4 minutes for creamy fudge and 6-7 for firmer set fudge. I beat my fudge in the pot and without submerging half the pot in water.

Just before I am about to turn my thick delicious fudge mix into a baking tray I toss in my chopped Oreo cookies and gently fold them through the mixture.
I allow the fudge to cool for 45-60 minutes before I turn the fudge out and slice into blocks.


Oreo Fudge
Oreo Fudge

Fudge and its endless combinations! I have made choc-chip fudge, Bar One fudge, strawberry and white chocolate fudge, shortbread fudge, and chocolate and walnut fudge.


Strawberry fudge
Strawberry fudge






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