Just Say Yes


Do you remember the time I came home
and I tried my very best to convince you
I was neither high nor drunk?
I began to rap about love and death,
how I believed they are one and the same thing,
Your eyes set like sad sunsets,
Were you ready to take off just then?

I also tried my very best to seductively loosen buttons,
But you gently lifted me off your lap.
Your denim jacket, my leather jacket, crushing buttons,
Smoking buttons, I was high…

I saved the night when I stopped talking,
And started to listen to the silence
that I put between us,
Like the pocket knife you put in the middle of the room,
Knives and pockets with left over drugs, David Bowie
In the CD player, I was drunk…

Do you know how sorry I am
for forcing you to dance with me?
First it was poems of love and death
and then it was my tipsy toes over yours.

I am so sorry, I know you don’t even like Bowie,
I know you don’t like to dance, my love,
But about that night, I really need to know,
Did I seem happy?

When you gave up on the dance floor,
When I was dancing all on my own,
Did I seem like a girl,
A girl involved with happiness?

You can tell me, I can take it, like you took the smell
of rotting flowers, and no, maybe I cannot take it!

My dancing, did it make you forget about love and death?
Did I make you forget how methaqualone smells?
I need you to say yes,
Please write back to me.

Just say yes.


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