C’mon, everybody LOVES fudge!!

Cotton Candy Fudge!

If I had one wish right now it would be to take up residence in Willy Wonka’s Fudge Mountain. A tooth is aching due to an exceptionally fudgey weekend but I would still choose to live on Fudge Mountain, rotten teeth and all!

To make this delightful treat I simply substitute my brown sugar with Huletts Candy Floss Red Sugar. The mixture might appear hot-pink but once the fudge has set it is a lovely shade of pink.

Whilst the fudge is cooling in its tray I gently press a blue cotton candy layer onto the mixture and give that time to melt. After the fudge has cooled and been cut into blocks, I dunk each block into white chocolate and decorate as desired!

I have only one block left waiting for me when I get home, to cheer up any remaining Monday Blues that I may have. ❤




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