Should have went with the candy hearts

I put a pillow behind my head and got ready to watch What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I had to press pause to open a roll of candy hearts and spread them out on a little plate. You gotta read ’em before you eat ’em you know?

While reading them I asked myself if I had ever given anyone candy hearts. It was the easy approach when I was in school but it was me who always received them. This lead me to ask myself a second question, just what did I give my crushes?

Poems. It was always some romantic little letter, but being goth and all the little loves notes always had a dark twist to them. I remembered one note in particular, it was a short poem and attached to the poem was a few safety pins. The poem went something like… fasten yourself to me…

I cringe now readers, but at the time I thought it was pretty fancy and smart! This crush was a baby-faced teenager who looked pretty strange, so being strange myself I thought we could make things work in our small little town. He was absolutely frail and undernourished and for some reason this made me want to be with him even more. I wrote the note in my neatest italics, attached the safety pins and I asked a sweet little boy to deliver it to this special person.

I waited and waited, I still remember the day was grey and cold. I sat near the door so I could rush to the front gate if I saw my crush. Unfortunately, the little boy returned with my note and safety pins, he also had a message for me. Apparently my crush asked what must he do with all the safety pins. Dear readers, I was a poet and a fool…

Looking at my candy hearts spread out on a plate I thought to myself that I should have given him the candy hearts. Damn.

Do you have any cringe-worthy stories about items or notes you gave your crushes?

Should have went with the candy hearts instead...
Should have went with the candy hearts instead…

6 thoughts on “Should have went with the candy hearts

  1. I wrote my fair share of poems I hope to never see again, but at least I can tell myself that I was being creative (even if the poetry was vapid). My most cringe-worthy memories involve writing song lyrics for other people. I don’t know why it’s so embarrassing but whenever think about the time I wrote down lyrics on a napkin at a diner and gave them to a nice female friend of mine, I want to email that girl and apologize for ever talking to her. There are worse moments, but I’m still blocking those out!

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  2. Thank you for sharing! Hehe, you know, I am going to try and look at it as me being creative- maybe I won’t grind my teeth so hard when I have a flashback!


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