Cupcake Business!

When inspiration is lacking I write a poem, or I bake. There is nothing better than hearing the oven timer going off and seeing that your sweet treat has risen! When I wish to make something quick but still good-looking, I turn to the cupcake factory! Those little mounds of perfection are always winners! I have not met a person who turned down a cupcake.

I remember a man who ate more of my cupcakes than his pregnant wife! Those were surprise cupcakes and believe me, they went faster than the birthday cake!

Here are some first time tries! I was getting fancy with the cupcake business. 😉


The Frozen “Elsa” Dress

Frozen Cupcake Dress
Frozen Cupcake Dress

I do not know what it is with kids and Frozen but the lead character, Elsa, is as big as Cinderella! I can’t help but think that it is because of the blue dress, I mean, Cinderella’s dress was blue. The magic is in the colour blue, clearly!

Here I was asked to create Elsa’s Frozen dress with cupcakes. This was a tough one because the tray was far too small to make a large dress and so I had to settle for a medium-sized dress.

When it was time to put this all together, the fireworks were not happening. It was load-shedding in my area (cutting off power to save electricity) and so I had to frost in the dark. While frosting-by-cellphone-light,  my only piping bag decides it wants to be a piping bag no more. So there I was, piping with a piping bag like a sieve. Despite the circumstances, I think I did well for my first Frozen dress. The little girl I made it for was super excited!


Baby Shower Bliss

Pastel Cupcake Dress
Pastel Cupcake Dress


This was a better go with the cupcake dress! My working space was large and  there was actually light.

This dress was actually supposed to be a pastel pink shade but guess who forgot the food colouring behind… I almost cried but my boyfriend assured me that the sprinkles would save it, and they did!

The mom-to-be absolutely adored this attempt.


The Giant Cupcake!

Cupcake Cake
Cupcake Cake


There is only one word to describe the cupcake cake- FUN. My beautiful Aunt Jos bought me the silicone cupcake moulds from CNA.

To be honest it was my first time using a silicone mould but it was such a pleasure. I just recently bought gorgeous cupcake silicone moulds.

I used white baking margarine and the pink buttercream really popped because of this. For the “cupcake frosting” I made a runny chocolate ganache. To dazzle just a bit more, I topped the cupcake with edible glitter. I swear, everything I bake these days gets the glitter treatment.


How did your first cupcake dress turn out?



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