When the words won’t come: Writing about a tedious topic

I have noticed that when I need  to write about something that I do not enjoy, I get lazy, I mean really lazy. I open Word and that blank page appears to be a curse. When I finally get down to writing the article (two days before the deadline), I find that I could write about the dull topic after all, and I was just being a baby. My last article went like this.

I am done with scraping deadlines and I will encourage myself in the following ways when writing about tedious topics. You can follow ’em too!

When the words will not come-

  1. Mind map it! I loved using mind maps in high school and it is effortless to draw a cloud in the middle of a page and start brainstorming.
  2. Relax and write. Whatever comes to your mind, just put it down. Even though I am writing about something I do not enjoy I still want the material to read smoothly, but I will fix up all the rough edges later. For now, just write.
  3. Since you started ‘just writing’ you must have noticed that your material sounds like Grade 3 material, but do not worry about that just yet. Continue writing all you can write about the topic. Save, close Word and look at the content the next day.
  4. Soon, my Grade 3 content changes to college material and then it changes to ‘me’. I am changing words, correcting grammatical errors and I am even starting to enjoy myself a little. If it is fiction I am writing, I worry even less about grammar and punctuation. I make sure that my content will tug on the heart-strings of readers first.
  5. By the fourth editing session my material sounds just like how I want it to. I add just a pinch of sass to make it mine, but otherwise it is all good to go! So, don’t forget to make it yours!
  6. Reading your work with clean, uncluttered eyes is so important. “The wood will be quite distinguishable from the trees, and the flaws will stand out, begging to be corrected.”


In short, just toss around ideas, write- no matter how silly it reads, take a breather and then write some more. Sometimes you find a way to connect with a dull topic while writing, I love when that happens!


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