Five Flicks to Thrill and Chill! Movie Reviews for SAGS Magazine

I can assure you that if it’s goose-flesh you’re looking for then these five flicks will do the trick!

Before Halloween hits I wanted to warm myself up and pick five horror favourites to write about. Picking a top five was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be!

I hope the readers of SAGS continue to enjoy my reviews (and taking a look at the films) because I sure enjoy writing them! 



The Bloom behind my eye: Nightcrawler Review

 night 2

I distinctly remember tugging my best friend’s arm, forcing him to take note of a large Nightcrawler poster at a NuMetro cinema. Both of us were immediately thrilled that X-men film-makers decided to zoom in on one of the coolest, underrated X-men. Gazing at the poster, I saw a mature Donnie Darko staring back at me. My friend and I overlooked the fact that in the poster Jake Gyllenhaal’s face was not any shade of blue, nonetheless, we promised each other it would be the next film we saw. Unfortunately, we chose that POS movie, Jupiter Ascending over Nightcrawler, a decision I deeply regret. The opportunity to see Nightcrawler faded and eventually Nightcrawler crawled right off circuit.

A few weeks later my best friend told me that the movie we wanted to see had nothing to do with the character from X-men. He read aloud a pretty awesome review from Rotten Tomatoes about the importance of naming films suitably. We had a good giggle about that but I genuinely felt gutted that Nightcrawler had nothing to do with “The Nightcrawler.” Although disappointed, something still tugged at me to watch this movie. I honestly downloaded this movie, purely for educational purposes, and there I found Louis Bloom. Louis bloom is played by Jake Gyllenhaal and he truly deserved an Oscar for his role.


Louis Bloomnightcrawler happens to pick up a camera and burst into his new career as a news camera man. Armed with a police scanner and desperate apprentice, he waits for the streets to come alive with bloody action – the bloodier the better. It is important to be the first cameraman on the scene and to zoom in on the gruesome bits, but just how far will Louis Bloom go to get the perfect shot?

Louis Bloom is the most beautiful villain I have seen in a long time, one that you fall in love with instantly. Every step of the movie I felt like I could have been watching an oddly-charming Johnny Depp character. I will definitely be purchasing Nightcrawler when it is out on DVD. Oh, and just like superb action film John Wick, a sequel of this aggressive thriller is definitely needed.