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Day 2: Quote Challenge! THE BEACH

I think all my quotes are going to be from books! I read this book every summer, while listening to the movie soundtrack.

It is…The Beach by Alex Garland. I underline all my favourite lines in most books and this book has the most bit of underlining going on.

One of my best friends borrowed me this book and I knew it was my favourite when I read this book three times over, without a break. When my friend noticed this obsession he decided to give me his copy. The copy was actually bought in Thailand by his beloved aunt who is sadly no longer alive. So along with its natural ability to charm me, this book is really precious.

Richard: “I once read that the most widely understood word in the whole world is ‘OK’, followed by ‘Coke’, as in cola. I think they should do the survey again, this time checking for ‘Game Over’.”

the beach

To those I nominate!

  1. Post one quote a day for three days
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I nominate the following bloggers: Double Ucountingducks and NM.

Day 1: Quote Challenge! LOVE

A very big thank you to Anjali Dhawan for nominating me! This is my first time participating in something like this since joining WordPress and I am just thrilled! It is always such a good feeling to know that someone, somewhere, notices your blog!

For mouth-watering recipes check out Anjali’s blog-  It’s All About Food

To those that I nominate, here are the rules for this quote challenge:

  1. Post one quote a day for three days
  2. Nominate three bloggers per post to participate
  3. Thank the person who nominated you

My quote is taken from the book series, A Song of Fire and Ice, by George R.R. Martin. I am really “eating” these books and I am on the fourth one at the moment; they go down so well with a cup of tea!

“We are only human, and the gods have fashioned us for love. That is our great glory, and our great tragedy.”

I naturally soak up quotes about love and death, and this is definitely my favourite quote in this series. The quote is spoken by Maester Aemon, a wise character he is! I enjoy all chapters where he is involved. I would definitely recommend A Game of Thrones to anyone.


I now nominate the following bloggers: leaving planetsCrumbles Away and THOUGHTLESS.

When the words won’t come: Writing about a tedious topic

I have noticed that when I need  to write about something that I do not enjoy, I get lazy, I mean really lazy. I open Word and that blank page appears to be a curse. When I finally get down to writing the article (two days before the deadline), I find that I could write about the dull topic after all, and I was just being a baby. My last article went like this.

I am done with scraping deadlines and I will encourage myself in the following ways when writing about tedious topics. You can follow ’em too!

When the words will not come-

  1. Mind map it! I loved using mind maps in high school and it is effortless to draw a cloud in the middle of a page and start brainstorming.
  2. Relax and write. Whatever comes to your mind, just put it down. Even though I am writing about something I do not enjoy I still want the material to read smoothly, but I will fix up all the rough edges later. For now, just write.
  3. Since you started ‘just writing’ you must have noticed that your material sounds like Grade 3 material, but do not worry about that just yet. Continue writing all you can write about the topic. Save, close Word and look at the content the next day.
  4. Soon, my Grade 3 content changes to college material and then it changes to ‘me’. I am changing words, correcting grammatical errors and I am even starting to enjoy myself a little. If it is fiction I am writing, I worry even less about grammar and punctuation. I make sure that my content will tug on the heart-strings of readers first.
  5. By the fourth editing session my material sounds just like how I want it to. I add just a pinch of sass to make it mine, but otherwise it is all good to go! So, don’t forget to make it yours!
  6. Reading your work with clean, uncluttered eyes is so important. “The wood will be quite distinguishable from the trees, and the flaws will stand out, begging to be corrected.”


In short, just toss around ideas, write- no matter how silly it reads, take a breather and then write some more. Sometimes you find a way to connect with a dull topic while writing, I love when that happens!

Should have went with the candy hearts

I put a pillow behind my head and got ready to watch What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. I had to press pause to open a roll of candy hearts and spread them out on a little plate. You gotta read ’em before you eat ’em you know?

While reading them I asked myself if I had ever given anyone candy hearts. It was the easy approach when I was in school but it was me who always received them. This lead me to ask myself a second question, just what did I give my crushes?

Poems. It was always some romantic little letter, but being goth and all the little loves notes always had a dark twist to them. I remembered one note in particular, it was a short poem and attached to the poem was a few safety pins. The poem went something like… fasten yourself to me…

I cringe now readers, but at the time I thought it was pretty fancy and smart! This crush was a baby-faced teenager who looked pretty strange, so being strange myself I thought we could make things work in our small little town. He was absolutely frail and undernourished and for some reason this made me want to be with him even more. I wrote the note in my neatest italics, attached the safety pins and I asked a sweet little boy to deliver it to this special person.

I waited and waited, I still remember the day was grey and cold. I sat near the door so I could rush to the front gate if I saw my crush. Unfortunately, the little boy returned with my note and safety pins, he also had a message for me. Apparently my crush asked what must he do with all the safety pins. Dear readers, I was a poet and a fool…

Looking at my candy hearts spread out on a plate I thought to myself that I should have given him the candy hearts. Damn.

Do you have any cringe-worthy stories about items or notes you gave your crushes?

Should have went with the candy hearts instead...
Should have went with the candy hearts instead…

The Interview

So there I was, early, neat, without piercings and doused in cheap Barbie perfume. There you were, my interviewer. I was disappointed because I came there drunk on positivity and extraordinary energy, and there you were, dry, dry, dry. Dear readers, it is the only word I can use to describe this interviewer – dry.

I swear to god you were so fucking dry that I wanted my lips on a whole water dispenser for the entire duration of the interview. I also thanked god that I had a cup of coffee before the interview because if it wasn’t for that coffee bean high I would have slid off the couch and fallen asleep  on your carpet.

I mean, I just don’t get it … you knew you were interviewing someone so why couldn’t you slap half a smile on your face or have a goddamn cup of coffee yourself! Anyway, I tried my best. I was pronouncing my words wrong and for the simplest of questions I had to take a time-out to think and think, but, I tried my best. I don’t know about you but when someone makes me extremely nervous I tend to want to speak utter shit. I really had to put in major effort to  keep  it together.

There came a breakthrough question, “If you had to choose two celebrities to be your parents, who would you choose and why?” Do you know what I said? I said I would choose David Bowie and Brian Molko to be my parents and my interviewer raised her head from her clipboard. When she gave me this dry stare I immediately felt I needed to explain myself, “Yes, they would be gay parents.”

Readers, that was the only time my interviewer genuinely smiled. I felt like the fucking drought was finally over.