Pillow Talk

I told her I was deeply saddened about life and death, and the next life…

Her eyes opened wide like terrified wings.

“This life is not enough,” I said to her, “and the next life, it won’t be enough either.”

Her nails dug into the black sea of my bed, she was trying to swim, to understand.

“You see, my love for you is so infinite, so boundless … there … there will never be enough time for us.”

Her tears fell on my favorite pillow, she was drowning as I was, she understood.



Short Story- Wine Talk

Wine Talk

Wine intake: Zero glasses each

“I am a genie! I made your wish come true, baby!” I said enthusiastically as I walked in.

“What wish?” My cousin Tiffany asked.

I pulled out two bottles of cheap white wine and struck a pose, “Taadaa!”

“My god, did a homeless person donate that to you?” She asked with a disgusted expression.

“Very funny, I can’t afford all your fancy liquids. You know, I don’t even like wine but this one is alright,” I said, defending my purchase. “I am only having two glasses so that I can sleep well. I’m takin’ it like a medicine.”

“Like a medicine?” Tiffany giggled at my response.

“Yes, I’ll have just one or two glasses. It’s only Thursday after all. Some people have to go to work tomorrow- hey, are you just gonna stare at this working class hero or are we gonna drink these things?”

Tiffany dumped her magazine on the floor and found two glasses. “Let’s do this thing!”


Wine intake: One glass each.

“Just give me your glass!” My cousin demanded.

“Please leave my glass alone, it’s doing just fine!” I snapped.


My cousin filled the glass to the brim. “Now that is how you pour a glass of wine!”

“I seriously beg to differ but you are the expert.” I rolled my eyes.

“I am, girl! Hey, why don’t you take off your work clothes and get comfy?” She asked.

“I just want to sit right here and do nothing,” I groaned.

“Did yew have a rough day Mousey-Mouse?” Tiffany loved calling me Mousey.

“Not really. It was just, sort of…” I did not know if it was the best time to bring up my relationship troubles.

“What happened?” She set her glass down on the coffee table and waited for me to speak.

“It’s actually a very silly situation but somehow I was really upset,” I confessed.

“Now I have to know what this is about!” Tiffany shifted on the couch and looked at me with a serious face.

“Just let me get a CD, it’s too quiet,” I complained and went to my room.

“Not any of that heavy, devil music please!” Tiffany called out from the lounge.

“Oh relax, it’s just Joy Division,” I said and held out the CD cover.

“Ugh! So depressing for a Thursday,” she pouted.

“At least it’s not The Smiths,” I said.

“Yeah, nothing’s more depressing than those bastards,” she shot back.


Wine intake: Two glasses each.

“The second glass of any alcohol is always better,” I said.

“I agree. Your face is not twisting so much with each sip and my second glass does not taste so cheap.” Tiffany winked at me.

“Alright miss sarcastic, so this is how the story goes, you’re aware that I shaved the side of my head on Monday. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” I said as I lifted a piece of hair that was covering the bald spot.

“Yeah, looks sick! I have no idea why you’re covering your new side-cut!”

“Tiff’, I’m covering it because Sam saw it yesterday and he hates it. He couldn’t stand the sight of my entire being just because I had this bald patch on my head.” Remembering Sam’s shocked expression, I took a big gulp of wine.

“My god, you guys hardly fight but when you do it’s about the most ridiculous things! So let me figure out this situation in thirty seconds. Samuel is upset with you because you have a bald patch and you’re upset with him because he is upset with you for such a silly reason. Did I get it right?” She finally asked.

“Yes, that is exactly the situation!” I said and sunk from the couch to the carpet.

“You know what the problem is?” She asked with a devilish grin.

“That I’m impulsive?” I asked innocently.

“No, your boyfriend is gay!” Tiffany giggled her naughty giggle.


Wine intake: Three glasses each.

“Don’t say such a thing!” I started giggling with her.

“Seriously though, why is he always fighting with you about your hair, make-up and clothing choices?”

“If I think about all of this on a deeper level, I really do need to stop and think about how he feels. We’re both extremely different. Everything I do is strange to him. You have even advised me to give the poor guy a break,” I confessed.

“You have been dating for about… four months now, why are you guys fighting about the same darn thing?” I could tell that Tiffany was becoming impatient and bored.

“I’m not certain myself. Do you think we are just too different?” I asked.

“To me, it doesn’t seem like you guys are one hundred percent comfortable with each other. It’s as if he is always embarrassed by you,” she said.

“That sounds so sad,” I said, speaking into my empty wine glass.

“Hey, why are you drinking so fast Mousey?”

“I must be depressed. I’m going to get The Cranberries CD, I need a sad female voice.” I said, and I heard Tiffany moan and groan about my taste in music.


Wine intake: Four glasses each.

“What will you be doing about this?” My cousin asked.

“I need to tone down my weird behavior. I mean Sam always meets me halfway. I am the selfish one who just does whatever I feel like doing.” I felt ashamed. “I think it’s the raw truth. I’ve always done whatever I’ve wanted too and I’ll only think of the people I’ve affected afterwards.” I took another long sip.

“I can’t believe I’m hearing you say that. This is who you are! You do the things you do because they make you happy. You’ve never harmed anyone. You think you’re hurting Sam but can’t you see he is harming you? You have always been an odd turnip and proud of it. Think about it, he isn’t really meeting you halfway, instead he’s boring you to death,” she said and took a longer sip.

“Is that true?”

“Mouse, you know it’s true!” She looked surprised.

“I don’t know what to do now,” I said flatly.

“I think you do. Previously, I was giving you the wrong advice. I told you that you should give Sam a break, allow him time to get used to you. Now I think it’s either time for him to really meet you halfway and accept you completely, or this thing isn’t going to work out in the long run,” she smiled.

“Alright,” I said as I got up off the carpet and curled up next to my cousin on the couch. “You can make so much sense sometimes.”

“All my sense-talking is at the bottom of a wine bottle.” Tiffany laughed and pointed to the two empty bottles.


Complete intake: Two empty bottles and the best advice in the world.


wine talk 2


Below are a few of original articles on various topics.




There is a certain charm in serving wine at dinner parties and actually knowing that your pairings with each course will make the whole dining experience extravagant! Some serve any of their favorites or the local stores deal of the week, and then there are some that take extra care in selecting only the best wine to go with the flavors of the food. Of course if you only know that wine is red or white, it can be very intimidating to serve one. Do you serve it warm or cold? Is it strictly white wine with fish and red wine with red meat? At the end of this article you will understand that basic wine pairing knowledge can truly intensify the enjoyment of eating and it is quite exciting.




Here are a few things that you can do for someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one.

  • The simplest thing anyone can do is to just be there for them. Try to be a good listener and shoulder to cry on.
  • Do not be afraid to talk about the recently deceased. It is possible that what the grieving person needs is to talk about their loved one.
  • Check up on them regularly. Many people attend a funeral but how many of those attendees continue to show love and care after? Allow them space when they need it but always keep in contact.
  • Offer to take them out for coffee, a walk or even visit a few places that remind them of the late person. Such outings can make that person brave again. If they refuse the offer of going out simply offer to visit instead.
  • Do not be afraid to offer to cook or go shopping for them. Lifting these tasks from them will help make daily coping easier.




When asked if he had any advice for struggling bands and musicians, Brandon wrote a heartfelt message. “Don’t stop believin’. No, that’s not just a song by Journey but advice that I have never let myself forget. You need to believe that you can do anything, be confident and have faith in your band members. Your band or music team need to stick through the bad times and achieve what you set out to achieve. There will be colossal obstacles in your path but again, you have to believe that you have what it takes to overcome them. Do not stop believing.”


Brandon Cole, an inspiring individual who has so much zest and love for what he does, hopes you will attend his next show. Saturn Returns’ Marching to Valhalla can be found on the online store http://www.cdbaby.com. Do not forget to support our local artists and remember to support the man in the band.




You are thrilled! It is Friday and your best mates have invited you to check out an exclusive club. This is just what you need, you think to yourself. A text will confirm the time they will pick you up or where about the meeting spot is. Now all that is left for you to do is decide what to wear and that is when you begin to panic!


Now let us take that situation and travel back to the 1980’s. This was not even a situation back in the glam era. If you could not decide what to wear or afford a new outfit you grabbed something you had and cut it up, it did not even have to be an item that was extremely old! You folded it and scrunched it up, and held it all together with a safety pin. We could say that this trend was intensified from the late 1970’s. This was a time where clothes were spray painted, dyed with food colouring, studded, ripped; and all done in the bedroom of a sixteen-year-old.


5.  Sports Article




The WWE Championship was up for the taking at the main event of Wrestlemania 2015! Roman Reigns wasted no time attacking Brock Lesnar. Lesnar attacked right back and forced Reigns into the corner of the ring. Lesnar immediately performed a German suplex on Reigns followed by his signature move, F-5. It had not even been five minutes and the crowd was roaring.




Angry South Africans have accused immigrants of taking away jobs and opportunities from them and this was the reason for the riots spreading in South Africa. The youth from the EFF and ANC Youth Leagues are demanding for statues to be taken down. If we stop hiding behind euphemisms we can begin to understand that this is not xenophobia, this is not “vandalism due to lack of transformation.” This is about hating our neighbor, about hating one another, this is racism.

Excerpt from “Diary of Doll-boy”

Vivid impression of protagonist- Excerpt from my original short piece- Diary of Doll-boy.

Doll-boy is one of my first solid characters and will always be in my heart.

I think if I have to read another glamorized story about anorexia or bulimia or binge-purge disorder, I will be sick.

I promise this is not that kind of story. It is raw, authentic and real, showing the male side of anorexia.

Excerpt is below.

male anorexia

“His dull blonde hair fell to the floor as he brushed it. His body lacked the ability to make it glow like it used to when he was five.

“Like the petals fall from a flower,” he said, shivering.

Doll-boy stepped on the brittle yellow mess as he walked toward a full length mirror. He saw a grey face that could no longer stretch a smile for his ghostly reflection, he allowed his grey eyes to wander to his chopstick limbs.

He drew a line from his long forehead, down to his nose and paused at his fine purple lips. “Body of mine, tell me the words. Give me a song to write today. Speak to me. Speak to me…” he whispered to the mirror.

Doll-boy put his hands on his razor hip bones and continued to stare until his body spoke. After his mirror sessions, he would grab his neat diary and write. It was the only thing he loved as much as his bones. He wrote every day, once a day. If he did not write, he had no energy to pick up a pen.”


Article Writing- My very first article

When I was given my first assignment at creative college I wondered what on earth I was going to write about.

I took a quick visit to the nearest magazine stand to gather inspiration and I found a slice in a Jamie Oliver magazine. Food has always been one of my most loved interests and it was very easy to deduce that my first article would be a cooking one!

I was not going to write about the Naked Chef, but all the cooking tips I knew my gran had shared with me. You see, when I was about five I was gifted with a Blue Ribbon cookbook. It was from my Grandmother of course! At that tender age I would flip through the cookbook and imagine how each delicious delight tasted.

I picked up the phone and dialed my Gran, the 500 words were then formed after that phone call.

Below is the article.



How to make it like Grandma used to


 Shandre Dalais


“It simply doesn’t taste like how Grandma used to make it!” I bet that is what most of us moan about after we attempt to make Grandma’s sacred Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, or Sunday’s Chicken Pie. We cannot deny that the thick, heavenly smell of melting chocolate and butter made her kitchen the place to be!

I phoned my grandmother to complain about my pastry that ‘did not puff’ and that was when I gathered the most precious tips to bake and cook like she did and it does not start off with a secret ingredient!


  1. Buy an apron. This is a shield against oil splatters, flour and icing sugar that always seem to love staining the waist area and dark clothing. It might be strange (who even wears an apron these days?) but you need a charming apron to be in control and being in control means being the queen or king of the kitchen. Getting an apron that actually has a quirky saying like “I am the king of this kitchen” will earn you 100 points!


  1. Do not dance around the kitchen. So now that you look like Gran, you need the moves like Gran! Take out all the ingredients you will need first, that way you are not opening and closing the cupboards and fridge or looking for the garlic flakes that seem to have hidden themselves while the onions are burning!


  1. Preparation. If following a recipe, read it a few times and understand what you have to do. Chop ingredients that need chopping, do not turn the stove plate on and then decide you need to chop an onion. If you are baking, use butter and eggs at room temperature, unless the recipe asks for cold ingredients.


  1. The party is in the pot! Having a little drink of wine is okay with Gran but watching your favourite soapie from the kitchen or playing music loudly while cooking for six is a distraction and a risk you do not need to take! Focus! Keep your eyes on the pie!


  1. Conquer Bread! Conquer all! Or scones. Grans’ are great at making the yummiest fresh bread. Do you want to know why? They made bread all the time! If you are like me and find bread intimidating to make, practise making scones! They are quickest and easiest to make of the bread family.


  1. The more, the merrier! The more you beat your batter, the better your batter will be. Try and say that tongue-twister twenty times! Mix all your savoury and sweet batters thoroughly to prevent the dry ingredients from forming clumps and to ensure the even spread of your baking powder or yeast.


  1. Keep it fresh. After using your baking powder, make sure that you turn your tin upside down so that the baking powder remains fresh. Empty your flour packet into the most air-tight container you have to ensure its freshness.


Most importantly make it with love. Making it with love means humming as you cook, making it with whole milk, double cream, full fat butter and extra chocolate! So make it with love, whether it is a dinner for ten or a sandwich for yourself.  After all, grandma never runs out of love and hugs, or cookies!