Threesome Chocolate Bark

Quick and easy! Great for spoiling yourself, a snack you can visit every day of the week and also beautiful as a gift!

I love baking for my boyfriend and his family. It is no secret that I was baking for him before he even asked me to date him. I just loved making him happy with something that I made, something sweet!

I decided to make these treats and hide them in his gym bag, only telling him where they were when he was at work. Just like me, he hid his chocolate treats, not sharing with anyone at work or at home!


You will need-

250g White, Caramel and Dark Chocolate

Wax warp or baking sheet

Greased tray

Mini Astros


What to do-

Grease a cookie tray and lay a your wax wrap on top of it.

Now to get melting! Melt your dark chocolate first. Place your dark chocolate in a bowl and place this pot over a pot of boiling water. The water should make no contact with the bowl.

Staffords Chocolate Chips were used first round
Staffords Chocolate Chips were used first round



After the chocolate has melted, pour it onto your cookie tray and spread as best you can.


You have to wait for your first chocolate layer to set before applying the next.

Melting the caramel chocolate. I used Easy Melt
Melting the caramel chocolate. I used Easy Melt for the white and dark chocolate layers

After my third chocolate layer I decided to add some mini Astros (chocolate coated biscuits) for texture. You have to add these before the chocolate sets. This is the step where you can have lots of fun! I cannot wait to create different variations of this!


Lastly, I gave them the silver glitter treatment and once completely set, I broke the chocolate into irregular pieces.

Lots of sugar love, always

From Ssssssss


A Life Covered in Red Velvet

What makes red velvet products so special?

I think it is that dense texture and richness! The cream cheese frosting is definitely the only icing I can imagine on red velvet treats, but I would definitely try a white chocolate frosting on these Red Velvet Swirl Brownies the next time I make them!

Oh so easy to make and just a little cheaper than making a cake! I would definitely recommend any red velvet lover to make these!

Cupcake Business!

When inspiration is lacking I write a poem, or I bake. There is nothing better than hearing the oven timer going off and seeing that your sweet treat has risen! When I wish to make something quick but still good-looking, I turn to the cupcake factory! Those little mounds of perfection are always winners! I have not met a person who turned down a cupcake.

I remember a man who ate more of my cupcakes than his pregnant wife! Those were surprise cupcakes and believe me, they went faster than the birthday cake!

Here are some first time tries! I was getting fancy with the cupcake business. 😉


The Frozen “Elsa” Dress

Frozen Cupcake Dress
Frozen Cupcake Dress

I do not know what it is with kids and Frozen but the lead character, Elsa, is as big as Cinderella! I can’t help but think that it is because of the blue dress, I mean, Cinderella’s dress was blue. The magic is in the colour blue, clearly!

Here I was asked to create Elsa’s Frozen dress with cupcakes. This was a tough one because the tray was far too small to make a large dress and so I had to settle for a medium-sized dress.

When it was time to put this all together, the fireworks were not happening. It was load-shedding in my area (cutting off power to save electricity) and so I had to frost in the dark. While frosting-by-cellphone-light,  my only piping bag decides it wants to be a piping bag no more. So there I was, piping with a piping bag like a sieve. Despite the circumstances, I think I did well for my first Frozen dress. The little girl I made it for was super excited!


Baby Shower Bliss

Pastel Cupcake Dress
Pastel Cupcake Dress


This was a better go with the cupcake dress! My working space was large and  there was actually light.

This dress was actually supposed to be a pastel pink shade but guess who forgot the food colouring behind… I almost cried but my boyfriend assured me that the sprinkles would save it, and they did!

The mom-to-be absolutely adored this attempt.


The Giant Cupcake!

Cupcake Cake
Cupcake Cake


There is only one word to describe the cupcake cake- FUN. My beautiful Aunt Jos bought me the silicone cupcake moulds from CNA.

To be honest it was my first time using a silicone mould but it was such a pleasure. I just recently bought gorgeous cupcake silicone moulds.

I used white baking margarine and the pink buttercream really popped because of this. For the “cupcake frosting” I made a runny chocolate ganache. To dazzle just a bit more, I topped the cupcake with edible glitter. I swear, everything I bake these days gets the glitter treatment.


How did your first cupcake dress turn out?


C’mon, everybody LOVES fudge!!

Cotton Candy Fudge!

If I had one wish right now it would be to take up residence in Willy Wonka’s Fudge Mountain. A tooth is aching due to an exceptionally fudgey weekend but I would still choose to live on Fudge Mountain, rotten teeth and all!

To make this delightful treat I simply substitute my brown sugar with Huletts Candy Floss Red Sugar. The mixture might appear hot-pink but once the fudge has set it is a lovely shade of pink.

Whilst the fudge is cooling in its tray I gently press a blue cotton candy layer onto the mixture and give that time to melt. After the fudge has cooled and been cut into blocks, I dunk each block into white chocolate and decorate as desired!

I have only one block left waiting for me when I get home, to cheer up any remaining Monday Blues that I may have. ❤



Coconut Brownies!

Jane's Patisserie

Easy Fudgy Coconut Brownies topped with a scrumptious Chocolate Ganache Frosting & Toasted Coconut!


A couple of months ago I posted the recipe to my Oreo Brownies & Cheesecake Brownies and I believe that they were a hit, especially by how many people baked them since then! However, I decided to try something a little different as I had what felt like a tonne of desiccated coconut lying around which I had neglected to use! I asked my families opinion and they all wanted something chocolatey so I thought that the perfect compromise would be a brownie packed full with the deliciously sweet taste of coconut running through it!

I found an easy to follow recipe from BBC Good Food here – and thought that would be the perfect place to start – with a few teeny tiny alterations you have these – SO YUMMY! These are super easy to bake as its…

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Cookies and Cream! Chocolate Dreams! BROWNIES <3

Cookies and Cream Brownie Recipe


There’s always that one treat that you eat hot, right outta the oven! For me, chocolate brownies is that treat.

I do not mind brownies without frosting but my sweet tooth is so crazy that I often find myself frosting them. I either make ganache, or spread a thin layer of chocolate or vanilla buttercream icing on them.

Cream is great… if it’s in my home, I get creative! One day I decided I would skip making ganache and try something new! The cookies and cream topping was then born. Super simple, super quick, super yummy- just try it!


Stuffs you need


To make the brownies:

1 cup of muscovado sugar

1 cup of melted butter

4 eggs

1 cup of self-raising flour

¾ cup of cocoa powder

vanilla essence or extract

pinch of salt

½ cup of chocolate chips or chocolate coated mini-biscuits


To make the topping:

250 ml cream

10-12 coarsely chopped chocolate biscuits, I specifically used Chocolate Jambos

icing/ powdered sugar to taste

leave behind some crushed cookies for decoration


What to do

To make the brownies:

Preheat your oven to 170°C and prepare a brownie tray lined with wax wrap.

Whisk your melted butter and sugar for 5 minutes. Add eggs one at a time and whisk well after each addition.

Add sieved flour, cocoa and salt into the wet ingredients and mix gently until everything is well combined.

Add your vanilla extract and chocolate chips.

Transfer your yummy brownie mixture into its tray and bake for 35-45 minutes.

I love that brownies are so simple to make ❤ ❤ ❤


If you are like me, you will lick your mixing bowl at the sink without a drop of guilt!

To test if my brownies are done, I usually spoon out a corner of brownie and taste! It should be firm but squishy, with a delicious buttery taste.

To get a nice crispy texture on the top of my brownies I switch on the grill in the last 10 minutes of baking.

I allow my brownies to cool completely before turning them out and then remove the wax wrap.



To make the cookies and cream topping:

Whip your cream until it is thick

Add powdered sugar, teaspoon by teaspoon into the whipped cream until you get a subtle sweetness.

Fold in the chopped cookies and it’s done!

Spread this topping over your heavenly brownies and sprinkle some crushed biscuits on top!